Thursday, March 31, 2016

Owls and more! With Free Door Hanger Cut File!

This week Judy Sanqunetti, of  has created the most adorable owl cut files.  You must check out her site!

Using two of the cut files from her new set, I used one to created this cute card :

I had the "Smile" embossing folder and immediately knew that this little photo owl would be perfect to use with it.  

And I used another one to make these precious baby sleeping door knob hangers:

The door knob  hangers themselves were my design.  I added Judy's owls which I thought were just perfect for this project.  I have attached the free file for the hangers below (without the owls.  You will have to get those from Judy).   To make the hangers, I simply cut out two of the base pieces out of 110# cardstock and glued them together.  This makes for a sturdier hanger.  I then cut the overlay using decorator paper.  The letters are automatically cut from the paper and in these two examples, I used scraps of blue and pink, to put behind the cutouts so that the lettering would be colored instead of the white from the base.  One of the versions in the file has a small nub at the bottom.  That gives you a place to glue a bow or other embellishment to the bottom of the hanger.   I am sure I will be designing more hangers using this file.    

I hope you enjoyed seeing these two projects.  Like I said, check out Judy's site at for these and other wonderful cut files, and clip art.  

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  1. Lovely projects Jeanne X. I hadn't realised that you used cut out letters too. It really is a timesaving technique isn't it? Oh, and thank you for providing the door hanger file too - I'll be following you for here on in.

    1. Thanks Janet! Yes the cutout letters are so easy to do. Enjoy the free file and be sure to share pictures of what you create with it!


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